Let your child explore the wonders of science, including natural sciences, biology, chemistry, basic mechanics, and fundamentals of physics.  Discover the mysteries of the earth, laws of nature and gain an appreciation for the contributions of renowned and even lesser known scientists .

History class traces the roots of human development in different eras, diving into wars, inventions, ancient civilizations and more.  This class not only aims to give students a sharp sense of how we have evolved in terms of science and technology, but also highlights changes in political structure, arts and culture, while looking at the greatest historical figures that ever lived.

Course curriculum is constructed around high quality textbooks,  includes vivid presentations, videos, games, homework, reviews, core vocabulary and other stimulating activities.

Customize according to your needs and goals.  Content can include a mix of both history and science or focus on one particular field.

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2 students, 3-4 students, VIP