Whether aspiring to gain entrance into a reputable post-secondary institute or live abroad, earning a desirable score on IELTS, TOEFL or other Cambridge based examinations(KET/PET/FCE) can open many doors for your future.  This hands-on course uses current hot topic questions to help students rapidly gain an understanding of the fundamental evaluation criteria of the exam and providing strategies to get a desired score.  With typed teachers notes, supplementary handouts, and key pointers, students can vastly improve their English skill-set and feel confident going into the exam.    Students have the option to customize their study time according in the four integral test areas:  Reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

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Get all the hot IELTS and TOEFL topics and authentic exam practice questions.  Personalized teacher’s notes.  Editing Writing tasks.  Ramp up your skills and attain the mark you need!

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2 students, 3-4 students, VIP