Welcome!  You’ve discovered the perfect place for learning online. Proud Of My English makes learning inspiring for people of all ages.  We offer a variety of quality VIP and small group classes, including IELTS, TOEFL and other academic subjects.  We are passionate about linguistics and dedicated to cultivating exceptional English skills.

Take the English Challenge. If you are shy...just try. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Primary Learners
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Raise your child's English level in all fundamental areas including speaking, reading, listening and writing. Core curriculum is based on high quality textbooks and includes short videos, music, games and other activities to make learning English an extremely enjoyable and relaxed experience. VIP or SMALL GROUP(2-4) STUDENTS.

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Master all the skills to attain a bandwidth score of 7+ on IELTS or 100 on TOEFL (A2 KEY / PET courses also available ). Gain techniques to excel at SPEAKING,READING,WRITING,LISTENING using current hot topics, official Cambridge/IBT textbooks. We use only AUTHENTIC MODEL EXAM QUESTIONS and hone your skills to meet examiner evaluation criteria. VIP or SMALL GROUP(2-4) STUDENTS.

Science Class
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Explore the wonders of science, including natural sciences, biology, chemistry, basic mechanics, and fundamentals of physics. Discover the mysteries of the earth, laws of nature and gain an appreciation for the contributions of renowned and even lesser known scientists that have shaped our world. VIP or SMALL GROUP(2-4) STUDENTS.

Little Learners Class
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This course aims to make learning fun by using colorful picture presentations, animated videos, music, games and more. Using a curriculum based on high-quality textbooks, we teach vocabulary on practical fundamental topics including numbers, alphabet, animals, clothes, seasons, food and more...VIP or SMALL GROUP(2-4) STUDENTS.

Intermediate Learners Class
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Placing emphasis on practical topics such as booking a room in a hotel, or going through airport customs, this course is designed to give students a sense of independence, culture, while at the same time, providing skills for future careers and teaching pupils how to be contributing members of society... VIP or SMALL GROUP(2-4) STUDENTS.

Timeless Tales
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Diving into a combination of both new and classic stories for readers ages four to eight, this class uses interactive presentations, vivid illustrations and narration to bring stories to life. Immerse your child’s imagination and learn reading and listening skills... VIP or SMALL GROUP(2-4) STUDENTS.

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